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8th Annual Strategic Alliance Management for Pharma Conference
Berlin, Germany
23/04/2018 - 25/04/2018
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Contact:   Yiota Andreou
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This marcus evans conference will look at the value creation within Alliance Management and how to empower and align the role of Alliance Management within the company. The delegates will benefit from experienced case study and learn how to maximise the potential of the collaboration in order to bring the relationship to mature stage, how to create a strong commitment beyond size and cultural differences and create the road for new and fruitful development.

Building strategic alliances is not a question for the pharmaceutical industry, it is a reality that impacts its whole development: from R&D cycle to commercial issues. The main challenge is now to build efficient structures that would give the operational framework and tools to manage the whole alliance process, to work successfully with differences, between diverse partners and complex cultural dimensions.

Attending this premier marcus evans conference will enable you to:
Strengthen the capacity of Alliance Management within the company and make it a key partner in the corporate decisions ahead
Systematise the Alliance Management Process via common tools and structure in order to bring you efficiency
Develop the long-term and fruitful cooperation by anticipating risks, preventing conflicts and delivering results for both
Explore different types of collaboration and be ready to go beyond your assets by entering innovation and collaborative processes
Scrutinise cultural differences and make the best out of it
Practical Insights From:
Alliances Progress, Almirall, Astellas Pharma, AstraZeneca, Bayer AG Pharmaceuticals, Evotec (UK) Ltd., GSK, Merck, Mundipharma, Novo Nordisk, Pierre Fabre, University of London
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