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Bioinformatics Infrastructure Congress
Boston, MA
07/05/2019 - 09/05/2019
URL:   Click here for the event website.
Organizer:   Kisaco Research
The volume of biological data available to drug companies today requires increasingly sophisticated tools for storage, sharing and analysis. Machine learning, cloud, data commons and quantum computing all offer important discovery prospects for in silico units. But they also present problems such as build vs buy debate, overcoming cultural differences between biologists and data scientists, standardization and interoperability challenges.

Introducing, the Bioinformatics Infrastructure Congress, where IT and computational biology heads from pharma, biotech and academia explore how to implement new tools and optimize data storage, security, visualization and analysis.

Explore in silico discovery infrastructure and best practice data management for life science and healthcare professionals, including a full day on AI and machine learning. You’ll leave with actionable ideas to improve your data management infrastructure, relationships with the best tool providers on the market and insight into how to implement advanced analytics into drug discovery and development.
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