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RegisterRegister: Register to enter key areas of CanBiotech and to develop a personalized profile. Specify a username and password to create your account. This username and password will allow you to personalize CanBiotech's site (specifically the home pages under each tab by content and spatial arrangement), allow you to access community features, develop a directory profile and/or eventually claim a company profile to edit, and access the marketplaces (although you will be required to register specifically under the marketplaces where you would like to participate). As such, keep your password private. Do not allow anyone else to enter CanBiotech under your username/password, you could risk being removed from CanBiotech's site.

RegisterCan be found in the upper left corner of CanBiotech's home page.

Login: Once you have registered, login to access the internal features described above, to personalize the home pages and to participate in the marketplaces.

Customize: Once you login, the above two buttons-login and register will change to customize and logout. Customize will allow you to change the content that appears under each home page and its spatial arrangement. It is advisable to logout from the site once your session is over. However, with one hour of nonactivity, the system will automatically log you off.  Beyond content and spatial arrangement, you can minimize the portlets shown, maximize-to show all of the portlet contents, or edit (available only after login) to change the number of default items that appear in certain portlets.

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Use the tabs at the top to learn more about CanBiotech and access CanBiotech contact information.

Please reader the disclaimer before proceeding onto the site. Read the items at the bottom of CanBiotech's site before proceeding onto the marketplaces and to learn how to contribute your information to the site.

Use the search engine to access items from internal pages on the site quickly.


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Tips for searching

Help: Use the help guides located under each tab to navigate the site. Help buttons are all found on the right hand site of CanBiotech pages.

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