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Help Hints for Registration, Login and Site Access
4 Nov 2001

The following hints will assist you as you register, login and use CanBiotech's portal and marketplaces:

1) Once you register an email will be sent to you to authenticate your registration. Click on the URL provided to confirm your registration. The username and keyword will automatically be filled in. Confirm your registration and then login in using your username and CHOSEN password.

Certain free email accounts require approval. Instead of receiving an authentication email, a CanBiotech adminstrator will receive an email to approve your account. Upon approval you will then receive an email indicating that your account is active. You can then login using your username and CHOSEN password. Note that approval often requires visible identification of a member.

If you are using a PowerMac, contact CanBiotech at should you have any problems confirming your login with the username and keyword.

NOTE: Registration is currently free on CanBiotech and should be complete and accurate. CanBiotech has the right to deny full membership to its networks and/or access to any or all network functionalities, based on incomplete, inaccurate, inappropriate for the registration process and/or network, and/or unverifiable registration information. CanBiotech has the right to use its discretion in the approval of membership on the network and/or access to its functionalities to protect both CanBiotech and its members.

2) CanBiotech has instituted a 1 hour idle login. Within 1 hour of inactivity you will be logged out as a security measure.

3) Once you login, use the customization feature to change the content and spatial arrangement of portlets on each of the home pages available. Your personal arrangement will only be visible when you login.

4) This site uses cookies for authentication. Please enable your browser to accept cookies.

5) You can add a directory profile or claim an existing profile. To add or register to claim a profile, you must be logged in. Once logged in, the add and claim functionalities will appear. Once you register to claim a directory profile, an email will be sent to the administrator to verify your information prior to turning over the profile. Once you have been given control of a profile, you must be logged in edit it as desired.

6) You can only add, claim or edit a directory profile under the 'browse by category' view.

7) Please read the directory help or directory guide for CanBiotech's directory access limitation policy and spamming policy.

8) To access the RFQ, RFP or IP marketplaces, you must register as a buyer/subcontractor/poster or service provider/lead contractor/IP receiver. All of the mandatory fields must be completed in this registration process to continue and complete the process successfully. Please select at least one category under each marketplace to receive a bid/posting.

9) Please read all of the terms and conditions for each marketplace. You must check off each of the boxes associated with terms and conditions in the marketplace registration process to provide your consent and for full confirmation to occur in the marketplaces. If you do not check these boxes, the appropriate dialog boxes for marketplace interactivity will not appear under the respective marketplaces. If you believe that you have registered completely but have perhaps forgotten to agree to the terms and conditions by checking the provided boxes (and as such, your dialog boxes do not appear), simply click one of the registration buttons in the marketplace. Your data will have been saved-simply progress to the point where consent is required and check the boxes. Your dialog
box(es) should appear now.

10) If you wish to be removed from a marketplace after having registered completely, you must contact CanBiotech directly to be removed. Once providing your consent to the terms and conditions in each marketplace, you cannot simply uncheck your marketplace registrations. Only by contacting CanBiotech directly, will you removed and your consent withdrawn.

11) Use the Help files found on the right-hand side under the tabs to assist you as you progress through the site.

12) Refresh your page to view any changes to the screen.

Contact CanBiotech if you have any other questions.

Thank you.



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